BH Award Schutzhund

Watch Ebon Von Er Nast video for his BH award. Schutzdienst Judge was Ruben Muego

BH Award to Ebon von Er Nast

Ebon von Er Nast, our German Shepherd, graduated today with his BH Award.
It’s hard work and training before your dog qualifies for graduation for BH and to get the BH Award!

Training for a BH Award

To get your BH Award you and your dog need to pass all the BH Rules!
BH – BegleitHund = Companion Dog, but a working dog

Watch Ebon von Er Nast

Watch Ebon von Er Nast video for his BH Award
Call your dog, sit down, relax, enjoy and watch the pics, maybe soon we’ll watch your pics for BH Award…

Ruben R. Muego

We had a fantastic trainer and judge, Ruben

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