Dog training for kids

A Kid has a Playful Dog Training with German Shepherds

Playful Dog Training for Kids

When you bring your new puppy home, you must introduce them to the pack, especially to your kids, regardless of age. They need to know and respect each other.
Kids and puppies have lots in common; they love to play…
Dogs need structure, routine, and guidelines to develop into well-rounded family members.
Children learn to be consistent with these guidelines and understand that their dogs can develop naughty habits if they don’t.

Train your dog together with your kid

Children gain confidence by understanding how to teach and train their dogs, as they can see instant results. They also take pride in being able to show off their incredible tricks and fun-loving pet.

Michelle six years old

Michelle is six years old and loves to have playful training with our dogs
Playful Dog Training with German Shepherds
NO matter size, weight, or age
Blixten: weight: 50 kg / 111 lbs
Flickan: weight: 26 kg / 58 lbs
Clint: weight: 31 kg / 69 lbs
Michelle: weight: 19 kg / 42 lbs

P.S. Michelle just pretends to ride on Flickan 🙂

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