Dog Training in Hinoba-An

Dog Lovers in Hinoba-An, Join Our Dog Training, for Obedience and Protection

Dog Training in Hinoba-An, Negros Occidental

If you’re looking for dog training for obedience and protection, you’re in the right place!
Effective training prioritizes clear communication between owner and dog, consistency, and positive reinforcement, and can encompass everything from basic obedience commands to specialized tasks.

If you are around Hinoba-An, welcome to join us for dog training.
If you are, far away watch, watch our videos!

What is a decoy?

With the expert guidance of our seasoned decoy, Rod!
A decoy for dog training is a complex and demanding role
requiring a deep understanding of canine behavior, close collaboration with trainers, physical fitness, empathy, and the ability to adapt to various scenarios and dogs.
It’s a role that plays an essential part in preparing working dogs for real-world situations, helping them to become more effective, controlled, and safe in their roles.

Watch as Rod becomes the target, chased by all four dogs, showcasing their strength, speed, and discipline.

Dog Training for Protection

Today, we’ve got three powerful German Shepherd Dogs and one intimidating Doberman on the field, and they’re all ready to impress you with their skills!.

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