Watch out for me soon; I’ll be the best German Shepherd in the Philippines.

Ragnar von Asgard alias Hercules

Hercules German Shepherd

Hercules the Pretty Puppy

My real name is Ragnar von Asgard
but for some reason, they call me “Hercules!”
I’m a German Shepherd, show line, and we are often considered beautiful for several reasons.

Why are German Shepherd show line so popular?
This is the reason, check it out before you buy a GSD!

I’m a brother to six siblings: four males and two pretty females. Mother is the gorgeous Freja, show line.

Ragnar von Asgard

    German Shepherd show line
  • Sire: Tasco von Markes Burghof
  • Dam: Freja
  • Excellent Pedigree, PDF file!
  • Born: 06/21/2023
  • Weight: 7 kg / 15.5 lb
  • Nickname: Hercules

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