How to Complain Constant Dog Barking

How and where do I complain about barking and howling dogs?

Complain Constant Dog Barking in Residential Area

What Can I Do?
Please don’t blame the dog; he’s being a dog. Several things could cause the barking!
The constant yapping can disrupt sleep, ruin your time in the yard, and become an ongoing nuisance. But there are some steps you can take; with effort and a little luck, you and the neighbor’s dog can peacefully coexist.
Dealing with a neighbor’s barking dog can be a sensitive issue.
Your approach can vary depending on your relationship with your neighbor and their responsiveness to your concerns.

Approach your neighbor with the problem

1. Initially, try to speak to your neighbor about the issue.
They might not even be aware that the noise is bothering you.
2. If the issue persists, you might consider writing a formal letter asking them to control the noise.

Documentation and Evidence

1. Make sure to gather evidence of the disturbance.
This can include video or audio recordings and witness statements.
2. Record instances when the barking occurs, including dates, times, and duration.
This information may be necessary for any official complaints you must file.

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Consult the Barangay officials

If talking to your neighbor doesn’t work, you may need to file a formal complaint at your local Barangay Hall.
They will usually conduct an investigation and may issue a Barangay Protection Order (BPO) or recommend other actions.
They might mediate between you and your neighbor to find a solution.

Animal Control or Welfare Organizations

Sometimes, local animal control agencies or animal welfare organizations can provide advice or assistance in resolving pet-related issues.

Anti-Noise Ordinances

Some cities and municipalities in the Philippines have anti-noise ordinances.
You can consult with a lawyer to understand these regulations better.
A formal legal notice can be sent via a lawyer, citing relevant rules and laws.
This is usually a last resort, as it might sour relations with your neighbor.
Attorneys of the Philippines is a free public service; contact us for info!

A good tip to your neighbour

Probably, the dog owner doesn’t know what to do with his barking dog(s)!
Inform them to read/watch Basic Obedience!

Animal Laws in Philippines

Read about the animal law in PH!

Contact us for an attorney with free public service!

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  1. Need assistance with multiple dog owners in Gated community. Hoa refuses to enforce codes on noise.
    I need the direction for removal of the dogs. Barangay meetings did nothing.

    • Hi,
      We understand the problem, but we train dogs, not lawyers. We offer suggestions because we understand the challenges of noisy dogs, even though we aren’t legal experts.

  2. I have filed 4 times with the brgy, 2 times with city hall. They do nothing. I am trying to get out of lease agreement with owner just to move and the owner is not permitting it.

  3. 39 lavender street has many barking dogs that never stop barking will you do something about this problem?

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