3 GSD teach you recall and down
Girl 7 years old with a German shepherd
Michelle with her dog and cat
Two big German Shepherds with fighting spirit
  1. 3 GSD teach you recall and down
  2. Girl 7 years old with a German shepherd
  3. Michelle with her dog and cat
  4. Two big German Shepherds with fighting spirit

You Won’t Believe How Dogs Talk to Each Other—The Secret Language Finally Revealed

Free Course for dog lovers You'll learn how Dogs Communicate is a well-structured, high-quality course that provides an in-depth look into the world of canine communication
  • Quality of Material
  • Instructors and Teaching Style
  • Pricing and Accessibility
  • Value
4.7/5Overall Score

Quick Summary

If you've ever looked into the eyes of your four-legged friend and wondered what they're trying to tell you, then the "How Dogs Communicate" course answers your prayers.
Designed to demystify the language of dogs, this online course is a must for every dog owner, professional trainer, or anyone with a keen interest in animal behavior.

  • Course Content and Structure: The modules range from understanding basic to more advanced topics
  • User Interface and Experience: Navigating through the course is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design.
  • Comprehensive course content
  • High-quality material
  • Interactive learning experience
  • Free to audit
  • Active community
  • Expert instructors
  • Some modules may be too detailed for casual learners
  • No offline access

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Course Content and Structure
  3. User Interface and Experience
  4. Quality of Material
  5. Instructors and Teaching Style
  6. Pricing and Accessibility
  7. Community Engagement
  8. Pros and Cons
  9. The Final Bark (Conclusion)
  10. FAQ


Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a seasoned trainer, understanding the nuances of canine communication can be like unlocking a secret world.
This course aims to provide that key. 

Its holistic approach sets it apart, covering everything from vocalizations to body language. So, let’s dig into the nitty-gritty and determine if this course lives up to its promise.

Course Content and Structure

The course is broken down into easily digestible modules, allowing a smooth learning experience. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject, blending elements of psychology, ethology, and real-world experience.
This provides a comprehensive understanding that is both academic and practical.
The modules range from understanding basic vocalizations like barking and whining to more advanced topics such as interpreting tail movements and ear positions.

Starting with the basics, the course ensures that you build a strong foundation before moving on to complex topics. You won’t just learn what different types of barks mean; you’ll understand why dogs bark in the first place.
This deep dive into the science behind canine communication gives the course its gravitas.

User Interface and Experience

Navigating through the course is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design.
The user interface is clean, uncluttered, and responsive, working well on desktop and mobile platforms. Each module has a summary and quiz at the end, reinforcing the material and providing a quick review. There’s also a handy progress tracker, so you always know how far you’ve come and what’s next.

You can bookmark lessons, particularly useful when life interrupts your learning.
The ability to interact with other students through discussion boards is a big plus, creating a virtual classroom experience that enhances understanding.

Quality of Material

The material presented is top-notch.
A lot of research and expertise has gone into crafting the course.
High-quality videos, informative slides, and interactive quizzes keep you engaged and make learning fun. Furthermore, the method uses real-life examples to illustrate points, bringing the lessons to life.

The biggest highlight is the ‘Ask the Expert‘ feature. 

This allows you to send in questions directly to qualified animal behaviorists.
Getting personalized advice tailored to your own pet’s behavior is invaluable and elevates the course above many of its competitors.

Instructors and Teaching Style

The instructors are passionate about the subject, and this enthusiasm is infectious.
Their teaching style is engaging and approachable, breaking down complex concepts into understandable terms. 
Balancing theoretical knowledge and practical tips keeps the lessons exciting and applicable.

Pricing and Accessibility

Access to quality education shouldn’t break the bank; Alison understands this.
The course is free to audit, with a nominal fee for a certificate upon completion
This makes it accessible to virtually anyone with an internet connection, eliminating financial barriers to entry.

Community Engagement

The active community forum is another strong point of this course. Here, students can share experiences, ask questions, and even post videos of their dogs for feedback. This social learning environment provides a sense of camaraderie and adds an extra layer of support.

The Final Bark (Conclusion)

How Dogs Communicate” is a well-structured, high-quality course that provides an in-depth look into canine communication. 

From its user-friendly interface to the depth of its material, it scores highly across the board. Although it may be too detailed for casual learners, for those who genuinely want to understand their furry friends, it’s an investment worth making.


Is the course suitable for beginners?

The course starts with basic concepts before moving on to advanced topics.

Is there a time limit for completing the course?

No, you can learn at your own pace.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, a certificate is available for a nominal fee.

Can I interact with the instructors?

The ‘Ask the Expert’ feature allows for direct interaction with qualified professionals.

How do I access the course material?

The course material is accessible online through Alison’s website. Unfortunately, there is no offline access.

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