Seven-Year-Old Girl with Her Big German Shepherd

Big dogs and small children

There’s a common belief that big dogs and small children don’t mix.
But, when the big dog in question is a German Shepherd, and the child my 7-year-old Michelle, the narrative is quite different.
Michelle posing with Blixten

Lessons from a German Shepherd

Blixten taught Micelle invaluable life lessons: the significance of perseverance, the beauty of trust, and the joy of unconditional love.
Michelle showed our furry friend that leadership sometimes comes from something other than the loudest voice or the mightiest stature.


A preconception is an idea or opinion about something before you know much about it. Many were quick to raise eyebrows. “Isn’t he too big for her?” “What if he overpowers her?”
While stemming from a protective instinct, these concerns underestimated the bond they shared. It wasn’t about size or strength; it was about understanding.
When two beings, irrespective of their differences, strive to understand and trust each other, magic happens.

Children and dogs

We’re often quick to judge based on size, age, or appearance, but the love story between Michelle and Blixten, the German Shepherd, is a beautiful reminder.
It reminds us that the heart knows no bounds, that patience can move mountains, and that proper connections are built on trust and understanding.
It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog – and, as we’ve seen, the size of the heart in a little girl.

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