Teach Your Dog Safely Cross Road

Always look left, right, and left, your dog read your body language.

Train Your Dog to Safely Cross-Trafficked Road

The road is a very danger place for dogs!
The road can be dangerous for dogs due to the noise from vehicles.
To keep your dog safe, walk to the edge of the curb, ask your dog to “SIT“, give them a treat, ask them to “WAIT” while you check for oncoming traffic, and then calmly command them to “WALK” when it is safe.

Cross the road with two GSD

Does it with ONE dog is a bit easier, but what do you do with TWO big GSD dogs?
We show you how to train your dog(s) to safely cross the road!

Start early training

The most effective way is to start training before they are 16 weeks of age.
Although you can train them at any time, earlier is always better.
Take them for walks and cross the street while implementing sit commands and giving treats.
This will give them positive reinforcement for stopping and sitting before they cross the road.

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