Three German Shepherd Dogs

You need to trust your dog and your dog needs to trust you.

German Shepherds Crossing the Highway Without Leash

Being off-leash allows a dog to move more freely and at its natural pace.
Dogs can develop more confidence when they feel they have more choice in exploring.
Don’t try to do this before you consult a professional trainer!

Watch our video; it will give you some tips...

Teamwork, you and your dog

You need to trust your dog and of course your dog needs to trust you.
How to achieve this?
By regular exercise and training!
Remember all training should be fun both for you and your dog(s)!
My GSD: Blixten 51 kg (112.5 lbs) | Flickan 26 kg (57.5 lbs) | Clint: 31 kg (68.5)

When shall you put on Leash?

Your dog is amazing and well-trained!
But that doesn’t mean some dog owners want your dog approaching their dog without a leash…
Many people are afraid of dogs; leash your dog in a public place!

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