Training Tips for Dogs

Happy pack members walk, play, exercise, and train their dog(s) together.

If you need inspiration for training and exercising your dog!

Unfortunately, dog toys are costly, and there’s too much crap!
When you buy toys for training, it costs a fortune..!
But you can go out and find things for training in nature 🙂

Video with training tips

Blixten with a bloody big palm branch!

Hope our video will inspire both you and your dog

  1. Bring a bloody big palm branch
  2. One jump and bring
  3. Two jumps and bring
  4. Distance training: Bring & Out
  5. Tired German Shepherd

Exercise & Train your dog

Walking around the block is NOT an exercise for your dog!
They need to run around, play and read their daily newspaper to sniff around; that’s how dogs get their news…
Double bonus: When you exercise your dog, you exercise yourself for free!
But remember, have fun!

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