Training Tips

Think about what you want your dog to do rather than what you don’t want him to do.

Basic Training Tips for Dog Owners

Training needs to begin immediately!
Whether you train your new puppy or dog yourself, take classes, or hire a private trainer, some essential training tips should be tackled immediately.

Train, Your Dog is Always Learning

Your dog is always learning. So you are always teaching / training.
You are (should be) the pack leader!
Think about what you want your dog to do rather than what you don’t want him to do.
Then prevent him from doing what you don’t want and reward him for doing what you want.
Teach him some words to help communicate what you want, such as “leave it” and “drop it”.
You will need to refresh the cues that you teach your dog throughout his lifetime.

Treats for good behavior

Make them small (just enough to taste). Feeding him a treat for correct behavior is one of the easiest ways to communicate to your dog that he did something right effectively.
Your dog should believe you could produce a treat for him anytime, and it might be awesome!
Take advantage of all reasonable opportunities for reinforcement, and always carry treats on walks. Fresh delicacies such as meat and sausage are helpful when working outside in distractions.

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Don’t Give It Away for Free!

Ask for a sit, stay, down, etc. before giving him what he loves like feeding, walks and play.

All Good Things Come from You

By asking for good behavior before giving your dog the things he likes you can demonstrate your leadership without using force.
Remember, Your attention is a reward!

Use Punishments Very Carefully

They can have bad side-effects. Never strike your dog!

Short and Sweet

Train in 5-minute sessions, 3 times (or more, go nuts!) per day.
Also, be aware that you are always teaching your dog how to behave by responding to his behavior.
Run your dog every day until her tongue is hanging out.
Run twice if he’s still got too many “ants in the pants.”

All Dogs Have the Potential to Bite

That’s why it’s essential to teach your dog to be comfortable in all situations and gentle with his mouth.

Help Him Live Longer

Feed your dog a premium human grade diet with fresh supplements.
Avoid over-vaccinating and excess flea and tick-repellent chemicals.
Clean teeth and ears once a week, bathe, and trim nails once per month.

Learn the Seven Basic Commands

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