Transport of Pets to The Philippines

Obtain an import permit from the Philippines’ Bureau of Animal Industry

Requirements for the transport of pets

For the transport of pets from Germany to the Philippines:

  1. Import permit issued by the Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), which can be obtained from
  2. Health certificate issued byalicensed veterinarian in the country of origin, dated within 30 days of arrival in the Philippines.
  3. Mandatory identification of pet dog or cat with ISO compliant microchip/RFID (radio-frequency identification)

Failure to present these requirements may result in pet/s being quarantined upon arrival in the Philippines.

Effective June 01, 2018, dogs and cats imported without the required identification will be declined entry and returned to its origin. All costs incurred will be shouldered by the importer.

The Health Certificate issued by the licensed veterinarian must be authenticated by the Embassy.

Procedure obtain an import permit

Useful links:
Obtain an import permit from the Philippines’ Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)
Alternately, go directly to fill out the form.
Check the status of the application

Health certificate

Obtain health certificate from a licensed veterinarian in the country of origin:
The health certificate should be dated within 30 days before the date of arrival in the Philippines. The certificate should certify that the animal is free from, and has not been recently exposed to, any dangerous or communicable disease, and that it has been given anti-rabies and other required inoculation.

Process and requirements for issuance of one-time / pet owner import permit for dogs

Summary: see detailed information.

  • Required Documents
  • Qualifications for Issuance
  • Process
  • Processing Office
  • Additional information
  • Permit validity
National Veterinary Quarantine Services Division

Bureau of Animal Industry, Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 1128
Tel. Nos. (02) 8528-2240 loc 1300 to 1311

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