Bad Guy Attack Your Child

Did you train your dog to protect you and your family?

How will your dog react if a lousy guy attack your child

What do You do IF some bad guy attacks Your Child?
Did You Train your dog to Protect Your Child?

Before you start training your dog to protect you and your family, you must first ensure he is fully competent in the basic commands, including ‘SIT’, ‘STAY’, ‘QUIET’, ‘COME’, and ‘DOWN’.
Along with this, you need to make sure your pup is fully socialized, or you will have to include this in the training. This means socialized with people and other animals.

Michelle 4 years old gets attacked by a nasty guy.

Training your dog

There a few things you need to go along with the training, including:

  • Treats: As a reward for the right behavior.
  • Leash: For training and keeping your dog under control.
  • Places to train: Choose several areas where there are other people and dogs.
  • Time to train: Training your dog to be protective is going to take some time.
  • Patience: Your pup needs you to be very patient, your pup will get it figured out soon enough.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that by training your dog to protect, you are only enhancing what is a natural instinct.
Take your time, be patient, and in time your efforts will pay off.

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