GSD Guard the Bad Guy

Train your dog the command "WATCH"

Rex alias Blixten take a power nap before his work!

How do you command your dog to guard the bad guy?

How does your dog guard, watch, the bad guy?
What will your dog do if the bad guy TRY to run away?
There are many reasons to want a guard dog: for personal protection, to keep your property safe or as a living doorbell for when a visitor arrives 🙂

Try to run away from Blixten

Well, look and you’ll see what a 49 kg (108 pounds) GSD will do…
When the bad guy walks, the GSD walks beside him.
But if the bad guy tries to run, the GSD will stop him!

German Shepherd a Guard Dog

German Shepherds are one of the most common breeds for police dogs, but they’re just as popular as pets. They’ll protect your house from intruders and are so loyal that they will form a strong bond with you. If you’re looking for a pup you can train to do about anything, look no further.

Your dog needs to be taught to bite the bad guy, for your protection.
When you give the command RELEASE, he/she has to do it.
Don’t try it if you don’t have any experience, you need a tough dog and a qualified trainer for bite work.

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