Master the Art of Dog Recall

Can you recall three dogs simultaneously?
What about your command Down?

Get Your Dog to Come Every Time!

To recall one dog is relatively easy!
But can you recall three (3) dogs simultaneously?
How do I recall my dog?
Say your dog’s name, wait till they look at you, say “come” in a cheerful voice, and then back away, clapping and praising as your dog approaches you.
Watch Basic Obedience!

What about your command "DOWN"?

Will your dog listen to you from a distance and lie down?
But if you have three dogs, will they listen?
If not, what will happen? Will your dogs just run away?

How do I tecah my dog command DOWN?

This command can be a bit more difficult. This is mostly because this specific position is a submissive one. You’ll be able to aid your dog by maintaining training as relaxed and positive as possible, especially if your pooch is anxious or easy to scare.
Watch Basic Obedience!

Video Recall and Down

Watch our video.
You can also search for “Command Down” and “Recall” for detailed instructions.

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